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Village Harmony Alumni Concert

May 30, 7 pm

$10-20 Suggested

The Village Harmony Alumni Ensemble, will be led by Larry Gordon, founder of Village Harmony and Gideon Crevoshay, This unique world music vocal ensemble includes college-aged and young adult Village Harmony veterans, many of whom have sung and traveled with Village Harmony for many years. The program features songs and dances from South Africa,  contemporary American shape-note songs, quartet gospel,  traditional songs from Corsica, Georgia and the Balkans, and German renaissance songs from the late fifteenth century Glogaauer Liederbuch.  Village Harmony is an umbrella organization based in Vermont dedicated to the study and performance of ethnic singing traditions from around the world.  Each summer they sponsor ten ensembles like this one, both in New England and in numerous foreign countries, involving both teen and adult singers.   Each group develops its own unique sound with a different international team of leaders, but all share common traits:  a powerful, natural, unrestrained, vocal sound; a remarkable variety of vocal styles and timbres, as appropriate to the many varieties of ethnic and traditional music; and the visible, vibrant community among the singers and audience as they share in a joyous celebration of music.