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Mamalama Y Andes Manta 

Saturday May 25th

7:30 pm

Kids $10 Suggested

Adults $20 Suggested

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Mamalama Y Andes Manta come together to create an otherworldly and uplifting live sound experience.

Mamalama is a kind of ethereal, modern day sacred music performed with harp, voice, shruti box, and piano. Seamlessly blending the modern with the ancient—elements of world music with early/sacred music and classical minimalism—the originally composed pieces are as much contemplative practice as performance. 

Composer/harpist/vocalist Elizabeth Clark composes pieces informed by her travels, both worldly and otherwise, recounting visionary experiences, dreams, and explorations of sacred world mythologies through music.  Accompanied by the ethereal artistic sensibilities of soprano Annie Roland (Barely Lace, Vanaver Caravan), new music composer/programmer Henry Lowengard (Pauline Oliveros 'Droniphonia', Catskill Gamelan), and currently in collaboration with the hauntingly beautiful, uplifting virtuosic 4-brother Andean ensemble “Andes Manta”, an uncommon, transporting musical journey is to be had.

“ A stunningly beautiful, intoxicating sound that may lull you to a place of peace, if only you allow it….” (Chronogram Magazine).  

   Andes Manta is an ensemble of 4 brothers from South America who have been performing the uplifting, traditional music of the Andes for over 30 years throughout the United States.They play over 35 traditional instruments including a wide variety of traditional Andean flutes (some that are 6 feet long), quena, charango, ocarinas, percussion, bandolin, frame drums, and many others.

Andes Manta has collaborated with artists like Paul Winter (St. John the Divine), performed at hundreds of universities and schools, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, The Discovery Channel, The National Cathedral, among others.They are well known all over America for their virtuosity and extraordinary performances. The music of Andes Manta is an experience that never fails to bring audiences to their feet. 

Mamalama Y Andes Manta  will be recording their first album together, called "Turtle Island", later this year. 

A link to a Mamalama Y Andes Manta performance which took place INSIDE the earth, in "The Widow Jane Mine” in the summer of 2018: