Mettabee Farm & Arts at a Glance

Mettabee Barn: A community performance and learning space which includes regular community events such as concerts, dances, classes and workshops.

Shetland Sheep: Wool Products, Breeding Stock, and Education. 

Medicinal Herbs: Protection, Education and Cultivation.

Honey Bees: Resource & Education.

Orchard: Fruit Production.

Farm Visits: Groups and Individuals are welcome to arrange for a visit to do a work project, learn about sheep, learn about other aspects of the farm or just to experience the animals.

Biodynamic Farming: Vegetable CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) & Grain Production with neighboring Hawthorne Valley Farm. Contact Hawthorne Valley Farm for more information.

Ecological Awareness and Education: Hawthorne Valley Farmscape Ecology Program. Contact the Farmscape Ecology Program for more information.

Educational Gardening Program: TBA

Apprenticeship Program: TBA