The vision for this farm can best be described in its name, "Mettabee." There are the farm-like expressions of the vision for Mettabee that include things like a donkey, sheep and wool, herbs, veggies and fruit and chickens; dancing and singing and children; lots of learning and having fun and feeling connected to ourselves and the world around us, but deeper then all of that is another layer of "vision."

The word "Mettabee" is derived from two words, "Metta and Bee." Metta, or "Loving-Kindness," is a word taken from the 2,000 plus year old Pali Language, the spoken language of the Buddha.  It is one of four "Brama Viharas," or "Divine Abodes" that are forms of Theravadin Buddhist meditation practice as well as qualities of mind that one must cultivate on the Buddhist path to "Enlightenment." In meditation practice, one cultivates feelings of "loving-kindness" by repeating phrases of well wishing and trying to cultivate these feelings again and again - over minutes, hours, days, months or even lifetimes. One can focus this practice on oneself, strangers, loved ones, animals, groups, enemies or anything living. There is a Buddhist story that describes Loving-kindness as one wing of a bird, the other being "mindfulness." In this story, the two qualities of mind and heart are equally needed in order for the bird to fly. I chose this word as a name for this farm to be a constant reminder of the goal here - to be a place that is an expression of "Loving-kindness" in all aspects of its functioning, from how the soil, plants, creatures, and people are held in spirit and treated in body. I feel that Organic agriculture is an expression of "loving-kindness" in its truest sense. It is a rigorous, daily attempt to nourish humanity and the natural world at the same time. Loving-kindness is an expression of environmental and social sustainability for when we feel love towards ourselves and all of life around us, we feel inspired, generous, creative and at peace. May the soil, plants, animals, people and spirits that pass through this farm be protected from inner and outer harm, may they be peaceful and happy, may they be healthy and strong; may they be able to care for themselves joyfully. May this happiness spread beyond and  bring peace to those in need.  

"Bee," is for the Honey Bees, who are intrinsically connected to our food security. Pollinating over 1000 species of plants, many that we depend on, the honey bees help keep the eco-system in balance. They bring "sweetness and light," to humanity, in the form of honey and wax for candles as well as many healing products,  as well pollinating our food sources. Their sophisticated systems of communal living, communication, architecture, and productivity are "mind-blowing!" We have a lot to learn from these gentle and generous insects, who are becoming increasingly endangered by pollution, pesticides, industrial bee-keeping practices and other aspects of modern civilization. By including them in the farm's name, I hope to bring more attention to them and honor their importance to farming and our future.