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Village Harmony Community Chorus

Join the Monthly Chorus!

Village Harmony is coming to Mettabee Farm & Arts! This un-auditioned-world-music-community choir will be led by the dynamic , Larry Gordon, the co-director of Vermont-based Village Harmony and Sinead O’Mahoney, one of Village Harmony’s dynamic co-leaders. This chorus is open to teen and adult singers of all levels of experience. Reading music and prior singing experience, while great assets, are NOT necessary to participate. Younger singers may be welcome if accompanied by an adult and if they are able to focus comfortably for the full day.

Our repertoire will include authentic, challenging world music such as: dance-songs from South Africa, folk polyphony from the Balkans, Caucasus Georgia and Corsica songs, traditional American shape-note songs, folk arrangements, gospel quartet songs and more.

Larry Gordon has been leading choirs since he founded a madrigal group in 1962 while in high school. Since 1971 he has lived in central Vermont where he has become a kind of Johnny Appleseed of community music making, founding the very popularVillage Harmony 30 years ago. He continues to be active as a conductor, a teacher, a publisher, and a community organizer, bringing the joy and depth of world music to both trained and untrained musicians of all ages.

Sinead O'Mahoney,has been singing and working with Village Harmony steadily for the past 12 years, first as a student and now as a teacher. She has been co-leading Village Harmony teen traveling camps for the past three years. She is the co-leader of Boston Harmony, the Village Harmony community world music choir in the Boston area.  She has traveled with Village Harmony to Bosnia and thrice to Georgia , working extensively with native teachers.  She has also worked extensively with South African teachers and she has a particular aptitude for the rhythms and vocal style of South African songs and dances. 

Time: 10:00am (arrival) - 5:00pm with a pot-luck lunch

Dates (usually 3rd Saturday of the month)

October 19 (pay for a single day or commit to the year)

November 16

December 14

January 18

February 15

March 14

Maybe April 18

May 16 with a concert in the evening

Sliding Scale Costs*:

$350 - $200 sliding scale for the year (payment plans are fine)

$50 - $30 Single Day**


*The tuition goes to the teachers' or performers' travel expenses, copies, preparation, teaching and.... and to Mettabee to help cover: insurance, taxes, heat, upkeep, supplies and...). For those who can, please pay the full fee. The sliding scale is to allow equal access to all but not to provide a "good deal," for those who have enough financial resources. Thanks for your understanding!!* If we have an extremely large group, the tuition may be reduced! 

**This is considered a committed group. However, if someone wants or needs to try it for a day, they will be welcome! If folks need to miss a session(s) that is OK too. We need the commitment to assure that the teachers are adequately compensated for their efforts and that the chorus can build on each session.**