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Bruce Molsky & Tony Trischka Concert

2 Workshops 12-2pm &

Concert 3pm

Bruce Molsky Old Time Fiddle Workshop $25

Old Time Fiddle

We’ll take a fun and intense hands-on approach in Bruce’s old time fiddle workshop.  Tunes are taught a phrase at a time, first melody, then bowing, and then piecing things together.  We'll dig into old-time music's unique phrasing, rhythm and syncopation, intonation, etc.  The tune is the vehicle, so mostly we'll be playing! If enough folks are interested, we can also spend some time working on singing with the fiddle.

Bring a recorder or smartphone. Since developing ear training skills is one of the workshop goals, written music will not be provided.  

Suggested experience level:  If you have at least a small repertoire of tunes and feel reasonably comfortable on the fiddle, then you'll be fine. 


Tony Trischka Blue Grass Banjo Workshop $25

Bluegrass Banjo Workshop 

This will be a hands-on workshop, geared for all levels from beginning to advanced.   It would be best if you can at least play a few tunes and know some of the rolls.   

We'll be covering: ways to improve your timing (and generally achieve a professional sound), playing the syllables (a very important Earl Scruggs concept), back-up ideas, developing solos, and improvisational strategies.  We'll also be touching upon melodic and single string styles as well.  More advanced topics can covered if people are interested.

In addition to prepared tabs and materials that I want to go through, I strongly encourage student participation.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I encourage you to bring a video or aural recording device.

Most importantly, we’ll have fun while doing this!


Concert 3pm

Adults $20-25 Suggested

Kids $15-20 Suggested


Two master musicians at the top of their craft offer a night of banjo & fiddle duets that will take your breath away. 

Tony Trischka is one of the most influential banjo players in the roots music world. In his 45 years as a professional musician, his avant-guard stylings have inspired generations of bluegrass and acoustic players including banjo master Bela Fleck. Hes been nominated twice for a Grammy award and won three awards at the 2007 International Bluegrass Music Association gathering, including Recorded Event of the Year and Banjo Player of the Year.

Fiddle master Bruce Molsky is one of the most revered ambassadors for Americas old-time mountain music. For decades, hes been a globetrotting performer and educator, a recording artist with an expansive discography including seven solo albums, well over a dozen collaborations and two Grammy-nominations. Hes also the classic musicians musician a man whos received high praise from diverse fans and collaborators alike. His foils are not only his well-regarded fiddle work, but banjo, guitar and his distinctly resonant vocals.

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