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Dialogue with the Living Earth: Workshops with Karsten Massei

Friday evening, 7 pm- The Essence of the Elemental World

Saturday morning, 9.30 am- Dialogue with the Elementals 1

 1 pm Lunch break

 Saturday afternoon, 2 pm 1- Dialogue with the Elementals 2

As human beings alive on the earth, we inhabit our surroundings together with spiritual beings that are sometimes called elementary beings or elementals. Working to actually know these beings is an enriching and healing activity both for ourselves and for the living earth. By attentively meeting the elemental world, we have direct contact with the spiritual reality of life. The elemental beings have gifts and messages for us. Karsten Massei will guide us through perceptual exercises to sharpen our inner sense of the spiritual processes around us and to engage with the beings of the elemental world. Where and how do elemental beings live? What are their tasks? How can we learn to perceive elemental beings? What wishes do the elementals have for humanity? How can they support our life impulses? How do we work with the beings of the elemental world? How can we help heal the elemental beings?

 Karsten Massei is a curative educator and therapist in Basel, Switzerland.

"My practice of suprasensible perception is focused on the beings of the elemental world, who are deeply connected with the life-structure of the earth. They indicate the burdens that the earth suffers, and they carry the forces for its healing. Through my research and work, I want to help promote understanding of the beings of the elemental world and convey what will help the elementals to do their great and comprehensive work. "

single session: $20 / full workshop: $50

Register online: Go to the events column at: Inquiries and to register by phone: Kirin Buckley at 413.717.222

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