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Enter the Feminine Well - An Afternoon Workshop

Revering the winter, the dark time, and the mystery of the feminine void within each woman.

Incubate. Gestate. Renew from the inside.

Winter is a much underrated, even feared time within our larger culture so dominated by patriarchy.  Most traditional and indigenous cultures revered the dark, the mystery of earth in canyons and ponds, as well as birth and gestation and the dark cunt/yoni and womb from which human beings and all of creation is born. This workshop explores this void space with in us through guided ritual and journal practice.  Together we reclaim the sacredness and power of the dark places within us, the space of unknowing and of undoing, that sometimes terrifying but oh-so fecund place within.

Suggested donation $25-50 sliding scale

with Pooja Prema

Later Event: February 15
Windborne in Concert