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Acupuncture Sound Bath

$35.00 Pre-register | $45.00 at the door

" Sound and acupuncture together is just the right combo. I recommend this offering to everyone and anyone, even pets!  I find that this treatment breaks up the stagnant, often negative energy that gets trapped in my body.  After a session, I walk out in a state of bliss and realignment.  Positive physical and emotional changes are evident."
Allan Hirsch, Science Teacher & College Adjust

Lev Natan utilizes sound healing to create a fertile environment for his clients to access their deeper intelligence and creative imagination to effectively navigate life, relationships, career, and health in this time of accelerated complexity. Lev is the author of the forthcoming book Return of the Medicine Trees: A Vision of Sound Leadership for Global Healing, and he is certified as an Integrative Sound and Music Practitioner through The New York Open Center's Sound & Music Institute and an Empowerment Life Coach through the Empowerment Institute.

Sarah Chase Natan (founder of the Brooklyn Acupuncture Project) has been working side-by-side with Lev since 2014 in their unique Acupuncture Sound Bath events for health and wellbeing. Acupuncture has been shown to shift the nervous system into a "rest and recover" state.  From here a range of imbalances can be righted: muscle pain, digestive difficulty, insomnia, mental and emotional stress, fatigue and more. Sarah began her exploration of Chinese Medicine at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2002 and graduated with a masters degree in 2006 after spending over one year living and studying in southern China. She is a nationally certified herbalist and shiatsu practitioner as well as NY state licensed acupuncturist. Serving through community acupuncture in Brooklyn for over seven years and treating in South and Central America for the past four years, Sarah has assisted thousands of people with many different needs and confidently treats everything from body pain to babesiosis to a broken heart. She started the Brooklyn Acupuncture Project in 2007 and is grateful to the community for making it the amazing place it is!  She will be beginning a new private practice in Stockbridge, MA in August of 2017.

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Lev Natan