Community Night

Community Night

Friday September 25th
Every 4th Friday!

6:00pm Potluck Dinner. Please bring your own plates, utensils and cups and food to share.

7:00pm Open Sharing & Performance
Music, Dance, Poetry, Jokes, Storytelling, Skits... All aged folks who are experienced or not are encouraged to bring something to offer!! This is a wonderful way to both
enrich and be enriched by our community!
Share something that makes you laugh,
cry, feel inspired, smile or...!!

Give-a-Way Throughout the Evening
This is inspired by the Native American Potlach concept. Please bring something to leave on a "give-a-way" table or to give someone directly. Items could include clothing, books, trinkets, jewelry, food, artwork, mugs, plants... Please bring only things in very good condition. This is not a yard sale or a way to get rid of "junk." If items are not taken by the end of the evening, please bring them back home.

Contact Leland or Mettabee for more info!