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GMOs What are they and why should you know

Wednesday April 29th
The Future of Food: A documentary film explaining the impact of GMOs on biological and social health.

Presentation and Discussion by Elizabeth Henderson

Seasoned farmer, community organizer, researcher, political activist and board member of NOFA-NY, Elizabeth Henderson will discuss the threat of GMOs to human and environmental survival, why foods containing GMOs must be labeled and how individuals can get involved in the pro-labeling efforts. She will briefly explore the science behind genetically modified organisms, analyze their potential health problems and describe the serious and proven health threats from excessive use of Round-up and other herbicides. She will present the case that the use of GMOs and not labeling food containing them threatens our safety and even our democracy. Please come with your questions!! If you feel moved, there will be letters you can sign and send to your legislators asking their support for the GMO Labeling bill S485/A617.

Earlier Event: April 12
Later Event: May 8