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Stories and Songs with Tim VanEgmond

Sunday November 22nd

$5-$10 Suggested
Large Family Discounts!!

Known for his spell-binding talent and winning warmth, Van Egmond will perform tales celebrating the Fall season and the harvest. Find out what happened when Turtle tried to fly south with the birds for the winter, sing along on the rousing chorus to Applepicker's Reel, puzzle out the answers to riddles about food and family, and more. Van Egmond will be accompanying himself with guitar, dulcimer, mouth bow, and limberjack (a wooden puppet that taps out a rhythm dancing on a paddleboard).

Tim Van Egmond is a multi-talented storyteller, singer and musician. He transports audiences to the wellspring of wisdom, humor, and inspiration found in  multicultural tales and folk music. His engaging warmth and dynamic performance will tickle your ribs. It will make your spine tingle. It will warm your heart in an uplifting experience of enjoyment and enchantment.

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