Body-Mind Centering® with Lilia Angello, Certified Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner

Tuesdays 10-11:30am

The Body-Mind Centering®  
An Embodied Approach to Movement, Body and Consciousness

This weekly movement class will encompass a rich blend of movements, which are both relaxing and strengthening.Through the elements of sound and touch, we will promote our vital energy, balance and ease of movement.This class is based on the philosophy that we all have wise wonderful bodies.The focus of this class is on what's good and already working in our bodies. We will learn about our preferences and discover our personal patterns. By increasing our options and efficiency of movement, we are able to prevent injuries and recover from already existing ones. As a result, we will improve our posture, gain relief from fatigue and achieve deep insights into ourselves.

Usually, the general emphasis in movement classes is on the development of muscle tone. However, the somatic explorations of this class will also include all the other systems of our physical selves: fluids, organs, nervous system, ligaments, endocrine and skeletal system, as well as the underlying neurological patterns and reflexes.  In this way, we will learn how to integrate the body and mind. This class will be taught in a light and fun way, one system at a time, and tailored to the individual needs of participants.
Sliding Fee $1 -$20


There will be a class for younger children and another for older kids and adults. Contact Mettabee for more details regarding dates.

Indoor Community Soccer Beginning Late Fall

Late Fall & Winter & Spring


10:15 - 11:45 am on Wednesdays

Newcomers welcome!

Sliding scale $15 - $30 pr session

Please contact Karin for more information:

Amagodda Women's Circle

Facilitated by Cara Stone of Amagodda Connective Therapy:

The first and third Sunday of each month, 6:30-9PM suggested donation of $5-25

Contact Cara to sign-up or for any further information at 570-618-3188 or

A graduate of the Institute for Circlework and seasoned circle-facilitator, Cara holds a very intentional and sacred space for women where transformation, replenishment, healing, and deep connections to both each other and the whole of life can occur. As part of the circle work, we will celebrate our time to share together through movement, music and moments of stillness, so that the soul and authentic expression of each woman can feel safe to be seen and heard. This circle is intended to foster and create a space of trust where we can un-plug in order to re-set and re-align with the highest expression of ourselves. The work done together in the circle not only benefits the individual but also the community and all of life. Any healing steps forward in our own evolution impact both the space and the people around us, ultimately rippling out to the edges of the cosmos. Gathering in a circle like this, is sacred, profound and revolutionary. I am honored to offer this space for connection and healing, and I welcome you to join in.

Cara Stone is the founder of Amagodda Connective Therapy. She is a trained Reiki Master in the Usui tradition and member of the ICRT, (International Center for Reiki Training), from which she received her Master Level Attunement at the inner-circle of Stonehenge. She has apprenticed in shamanic arts grounded in Lakota, Tibetan Bon and Celtic traditions, trained as a massage therapist and has completed over nine Circlework Trainings with Jalaja Bonheim and the Institute for Circlework. She offers private sessions and classes as well as facilitates different types of healing circles and ceremonies.


Community Folk Sing-Along

Check Events for Scheduled Sing-Alongs!

All ages & voices are welcome to this semi-monthly event Music books (Rise-Up-Singing) are provided although you are welcome to bring a folk song to share. Everyone will have a chance to choose a song, if they want to. Check events for the next scheduled Sing-Along.


   Yoga with Rachel Haley          Saturdays   10am-11:15am      Beginning April 1 and On-Going (No Class: May 13, June 10, July 29 or Aug 5)  

   Yoga with Rachel Haley
         Saturdays   10am-11:15am
     Beginning April 1 and On-Going

(No Class: May 13, June 10, July 29 or Aug 5)


A comfortable and inclusive class accommodating all levels and abilities. Breath-work, seated and standing postures, and basic meditation tools will be practiced.  Sequences are created with optimal anatomical alignment as a focus while cultivating a sense of joy and balance in the body.

Drawing on a background in women's health and somatic healing, Rachel combines the wisdom of the traditional yoga systems including Kundalini, Tantra, Bhakti,  Ashtanga, and Iyengar schools with medicine from dance, shamanistic ritual, mysticism, mythology, and visualization.  The energetic focus of the practice is grounded in extensive knowledge and attention to body mechanics and alignment in asana. Her teaching style is versatile and can easily apply knowledge to the individuals and groups specific needs.

YOGA with Sheri

Thursdays 8:35AM – 9:50AM &  Thursdays 10AM - 11:15AM

8:35AM – 9:50AM Open Level Vinyasa Class
 A well rounded flow class with an emphasis on breath and healthy alignment.  Modifications will be offered for some of the more challenging poses so the advanced beginner as well as the more experienced practitioner may participate.  
Thursdays 10AM - 11:15AM Yoga for Strength and Flexibility
 A gently paced class designed to strengthen muscles that are weak and stretch muscles that are tight.  Relieve stress and balance energy in this class for all levels, even brand new beginners.  
Drop In Class Rate:  $14
5 Class Card:  $60
Shari Cavalier has been studying and teaching yoga for fifteen years. She is a 500 hour registered yoga teacher and received her certifications from Yoga Works and ISHTA Yoga in New York City. She strives to teach a well rounded, intelligent class with a sense of humor.